In this round of voting, 28,448 people voted to maintain their union affiliations, 624 people voted against it and 137 ballots were voided. 

Of the 33,252 eligible voters, 4,043 people did not vote. Not voting counts the same as a "no" vote.

Although the large majority of bargaining units voted to recertify, 32 will see their units dissolved as a result of these elections.

In comparison, about 50 bargaining units have voted to decertify since January 2009, according to Public Employment Relations Board chairman Mike Cormack. That does not include this most recent round of voting.

There is a 10-day window for bargaining units to file an appeal. The results will be finalized after that 10-day period. 

Previously, 13 bargaining units representing teachers and faculty voted in September to maintain their union affiliations; no unions voted to decertify. About 90 percent of eligible voters participated in that election.